Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Drive

When I was in 4th grade dad got a job teaching on the Navajo reservation in Tuba City, AZ. Mom (Twyla) was still working in St. George, UT and they decided it was best for the family to separate geographically for awhile to help make ends meet. So dad, Sarah, and I moved to Tuba while Jessica and mom stayed in St. George. The first year there Sarah and I both lived with dad, but the next year Sarah decided to stay with mom and only I stayed with dad. Almost every weekend we would make the four hour drive back to Utah to see the rest of the family. This continued for a few years until about a year after Kantessa was born. The whole drive we would be listening to dad's country tape. The two songs I remember the most were "Amazing Grace" and "How Much is that Doggie in the Window."
~Hannah Hamilton, daughter

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