Friday, February 5, 2010

Beula's Death

Written by Kimberly Eden, Heath's Row: A History of Herman and Beula Heath

Herman and Beula moved to Price, Utah in 1978 where Herman worked under Kent Eden, his son-in-law, at the College of Eastern Utah. Beula taught at Hunington Elementary until the day she died. Buela died on March 11, 1981 from breast cancer. She was interred in the Wellington Cemetery on March 14, 1981. She taught up to the last two weeks of her life. Beatrice remembered the day she died. "I was with Beula in the bedroom. I had bought her the wig she wanted to be buried in. It was morning. Herman was in living room reading the paper. Gaile was in the kitchen. Kristena was outside taking her children to the car to stay with a friend.

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