Friday, December 12, 2008

Herman and Beula Marry

Written by Kimberly Eden, Heath's Row: A History of Herman and Beula Heath

Herman attended Brigham Young Academy but met Beulah through Barbara Chidester's introduction. Herman asked before meeting her, "Does she have any money? If not I don't want to meet her." Apparently money didn't matter int he end. Beula graduated from Seminary her junior year and her comment was. "I really enjoyed my three years of gospel studies." She continued to explain. "By the time I was a Senior and in my eighteenth year, I had put on some weight and had a well-rounded figure, which attracted quite a number of admirers of the opposite sex. Among them was Herman Lavon Heath with whom I eloped on the twenty-third day of October in 1948. we were married in Las Vegas, Nevada the next day after an all night trip and only one flat tire." There is more to the story from her brother Clyde. He states that the clerk didn't believe that Beula was 18 so he called her home. Clyde was the only one home so he told the clerk he was Beula's father and she had his permission to marry. Clyde told the clerk she was 18. They told Kristena, their second child, they had been on a date on the 23rd of October when Herman said, "Let;s go to Las Vegas." Beula said. "Okay." I must say that is definitely one way to propose. They were sealed in the Logan temple on July 12, 1971.

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